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Browser Testing on MAC and Linux

If you are looking for a selenium testing tool which can implement browser testing on mac and linux, rather than a web app testing tool for Windows platform only, here is good news for you: The best alternative to selenium testing tool, Lemonce Editor, has a new version released that can support Windows, Mac and Linux. The new version v2.0.11 can be used for web browser test cases running on mac os x,linux, and Windows. To get free download of this greate automation testing tool for web applications, please visit:

You can get a great alternative to selenium testing tool download from the above web page.

Many other selenium alternatives can support Windows only or one other platform. To develop a platform agnostic software tool is not easy at all, especially for browser testing automation software, which requires the software development team can a full set of skills on different platforms. That is why we choose Lemonce Editor, as one of the best automated testing tools for web applications in 2017.


Selenium Alternatives Reviewer Is Released

In order to let our users to conveniently to review and compare automated web testing tools and find out the best best selenium alternative for web application testing projects, we are pleased to released a small handy utility, Selenium Alternatives Reviewer v1.0. It is a Windows desktop tool to get reviews on selenium alternative tools and easlily visit the online platform of

Please download this handy tool from:


Selenium Competitors and Similar Products

Selenium is the popular and basic technology framework of many automation testing tools for web applications. Many testers and testing software developers well know selenium pros and cons. And some software companies develop new automated testing tools for web applications in order to overcome some issues and problems in selenium including selenium webdriver and Selenium IDE. Therefore, there are quite a few selenium competitors and similar products in the market.

However, most of these selenium competitors and similar products, are designed and developed on the selenium framework. Some basic and key problems in selenium cannot be solved, especially for those test cases are still using selenium web driver. Some testing automation tools claim they are using new testing techniques and frameworks, but most have different shortcomings for actual use in web test projects, for example, they are too complicated to use, not matured, too expensive, or boast too much (not as good as selenium testing tools).

Is there a great alternative to selenium, which is affordable and easy to use, and definitely can well address most challenges in selenium? Yes. After professional reviews on selenium competitors and similar products in the market, Lemonce Editor is recommended as the best selenium alternative tool. The free download of this testing software tool is available on:


Codeless Selenium Automation Solution

If you are looking for a codeless web testing solution which uses selenium as core framework and technology, we will feel disappointed because it requires coding skill-set  definitely and much workload on test case programming. Most testing teams using selenium will ask their testing members to master programming languages, such as: java, javascript, python, c#. Especially  for a complex testing project, if web testers need collaborate together, they must grasp different script languages in order to integrate test suites and reuse some test modules.

Even there are some selenium alternatives and competitors boasting they can provide codeless test automation solutions, but most of them cannot work as they advertise. Some claim they are coding-free web testing tools, actually they cannot work smoothly for many web ui regression testing scenarios. Some boast they require minimal coding work for writing test cases, but actually tester must learn a very complicated Proprietary language for web UI testing.

After a third-party professional review, we can recommend a wonderful codeless web app testing tool - Lemonce Editor, which allow testing teams to create most test cases and suites without coding via accurate recordings for any web action. even for handling elements in multiple iframes.

For more information for this codeless web test tool, please visit:


Selenium competitors

There are many selenium competitors in the marktet.
Here are some product names:
Lemonce Editor

Test Studio










The best selenium alternative is Lemonce Editor, and its product site is 

06/09/2017, Reviews for Web Automation Test Tools is a website for  reviewing web app test automation tools, which can be alternatives to Selenium.

The official web blog goes online now today.
Welcome to give comments.

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