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What are the difficulties or challenges you faced in selenium ?

As we know, there are many selenium issues and problems in automation testing projects if your testing team is using Selenium as your test suite framework and core technologies as your browser testing tool.

If you are an experienced test engineer, please tell us what are the technical challenges with selenium in your daily web app testing tasks. We are gathering these kinds of information in order to help testing professionals to address and overcome difficulties in Selenium. And then we may recommend a great selenium alternative like Lemonce Editor or QTP.

Any selenium issues and solutions are welcome, so we can have a further investigation on some specific topics about automation testing tools for web applications as well as selenium automation testing.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments on this issue.


Selenium competitors

There are many selenium competitors in the marktet.
Here are some product names:
Lemonce Editor

Test Studio










The best selenium alternative is Lemonce Editor, and its product site is 


what is selenium testing?

Selenium testing solution  is a free  and open source automated testing software suite for web applications. It is widely used for test automation across different  platforms and browsers.

In the web testing industry, many test suites are using selenium as the basic framework.  Selenium usually can automate browsers to emulate user actions on web, and  perform many kinds of automated interactions on browsers, but was mainly used for web application testing automation.

Selenium webdriver is required to be executive agent to run test cases and suites for many web test automation tools, no matter they claim they are great selenium alternatives. However, Selenium web driver will also bring many problems and chanllenges to testing teams. A true alternative tool to selenium should not use selenium as core framework and should be able to overcome and resolve the difficulties or challenges you faced in selenium.

Here is the greatest selenium alternative example- Lemonce Editor, which will not use selenum webdriver as the executive driver, and address many selenium problems to make the test automation work smoothly for any web applications on different browsers and platforms. Please visit Lemonce's official site:

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About Selenium Alternatives
Keyword Competing is a professional website portal to evaluate, review and compare automated testing tools for web application, and recommend the best alternative to selenium, which can resolve difficulties or challenges you faced in selenium webdriver or selenium ide. Free version and opern source selenium alternatives are available.

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