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what is selenium automation?

Selenium automation is a framework that can let testers to record and play back web user actions automatically for authoring tests without learning a test script language (Selenium IDE). It also has a test domain-specific language (Selenese) to write test cases in different popular programming languages, including  Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, JavaScript Groovy, and Scala.

Selenium automation testing tools are usually based on Selenium Webdriver, and use Selenium as the core technology. However, as we know, Selenium webdreiver has many defects that lead many problems in automation testing for web applications.

Now, has identify Lemonce Editor, as the great selenium alternative for web test, which doesn't need Selenium webdriver as the agent to run tests.  It overcome many selenium problems and make the test automation run smoothly and efficiently.

Please download the great selenium alternative tool for free evaluation from:

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About Selenium Alternatives
Keyword Competing is a professional website portal to evaluate, review and compare automated testing tools for web application, and recommend the best alternative to selenium, which can resolve difficulties or challenges you faced in selenium webdriver or selenium ide. Free version and opern source selenium alternatives are available.

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