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Selenium Iframe Element Testing

One big selenium issue and problem is not easy to handle iframes in selenium testing projects. Here are some points:

  1. Selenium recorder is based on its specific Firefox add-on, Selenium IDE, which only has limited features on recording and playback for web application functional tests, and is unable to run on other browsers, such as IE and Chrome. When testers handle iframes, Selenium IDE is able to properly record and playback test cases, but there is no way to export testing scripts correctly. So the recorder using Selenium IDE cannot automatically create test codes, and testers or developers have to modify codes by themselves specifically for this goal.
  2. It is not easy at all  to identify and locate elements inside an iframe if using selenium webdriver. To recognize iframe and elements inside the frames, a tester can inspect the webpage by looking into page source codes. But it is impossible to locate the element by directly clicking iframe via xpath because iframe is a special web element. Testers must write testing scripts to switch to the iframe and then to click the frame by using xpath. If testers need to switch to other web components including other frames, they must switch back to the main iframe( default iframe ), or move back to the parent iframe. 
  3. It is also very difficult to identify and handle nested iframes in selenium web driver. Nowadays many old and obsolete web systems are still running, and they were designed with iframe technologies. There are many nested frames in a web page in some web systems. Selenium test tool doesn't provide easy and reliable methods to resolve the problem regarding how to handle nested iframes.

Lemonce Editor can easily address the challenges in iframe element testing issues in selenium. Particularly its penetration selector can conveniently and precisely identify and locate  iframe and  the elements inside. Testers will not need waste time to write test codes to search and locate elements in iframe using selenium webdriver anymore.

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