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selenium test download file or app

We recommend Lemonce editor because it can fulfill many testing team's goals, one of which is to effectively write test cases for downloading file or app. Lemonce can overcome challenges in webtest automation, including: how to handle file download dialog in selenium webdriver.

To use this great testing automation tool, you may get free download and 30-day free trial from Leomonce website:

As a tester, you often encounter such a scenario in writing a test case: how to download file in chrome using selenium webdriver?  Or you need need use selenium test script to verify file download inside an iframe. Or even in some test suites using selenium, open downloaded file in chrome.

This kind of testing projects will make you headache even it looks not complicated to write a test case in which you need to emulate the action to download file using selenium webdriver. Usually, the test team members will need grasp c# , java, or python to write selenium download file test case. It will be very time-consuming and the testing result is not good enough, especially for selenium download file scenario.

To get a better testing experience and avoid trouble from  selenium test download file methods,  download and try Lemonce Editor.

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