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Selenium Alternatives

Review & Compare Selenium Alternatives

Recommend the Best Automation Testing Tool for Web Application is a great platform to review and compare web testing tools, which may address difficulties or challenges you faced in selenium. The professional reviews for automated web test tools will help you determine which testing software tool can be the best alternative to Selenium.

Lemonce Editor is recommended as the best selenium alternative in 2017 after our editorial staffs evaluate many software tools who boast they are the best selenium alternatives for testing automation. Please click here for more detailed reviews. To know more about Lemonce, please visit

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  1. Analyze Selenium Issues and Problems

    What are the difficulties or challenges you faced in selenium? This website will discover why your test automation cannot work smoothly. Test professionals know Selenium is popular, but also know its defects, including those problems in selenium webdriver. It is recommended to find an alternative tool!

  2. Review Selenium Alternative Tools

    Compose reviews for all selenium alternatives and similar software, especially for those web test tools that can resolve selenium issues and problems or challenges faced during automation testing.

  3. Compare Selenium Alternatives for Web Testing

    Compare web application testing tools with Selenium, and also compare those selenium alternatives according to their features, pricing, and ease of use, etc. Evaluate whether selenium issues can be addressed properly.

  4. Recommend the Best Alternatives to Selenium

    Our professional recommendation will choose the greatest selenium alternatives from many web UI regression testing tools. The recommended tools or solutions may not be the same each year, and will be subject to reviews from time to time. So the result will be also alternative.

3 professional steps to find great alternatives to selenium testing tool

  • Evaluate and review selenium alternatives respectively and independently.

  • Compare testing tools for features, pricing, Alternativeness.

  • Find out great selenium alternatives for automated web app testing.

* The reviews will be for both selenium automation testing tools and between themselves.
* The Selenium alternative solutions include alternatives to Selenium IDE and alternatives to selenium webdriver as well.

Criteria to Review Selenium Alternatives (Free or open source selenium alternatives will be also included.)

  • Comprehensive alternative solution to selenium
  • - Selenium Webdriver alternatives: an alternative to webdriver should have similar features to implement browser automation.
    - Selenium IDE alternatives: an alternative to Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) can develop and develop test cases efficiently.
    - Substitute all Selenium features on test automation
    - Also a great substitute for QTP (UFT)
    - Easily replace selenium test cases with new test cases made by alternative tools

  • An easy and simple script language to create test cases with minimal coding
  • - Not required to master different programming languages of selenium alternatives: java, javascript, python, c#
    - Low learning cost, intuitive, readable, low maintenance cost

  • More than Selenium competitors or substitutions
  • - Overcome and address selenium problems and issues in web testing.
    - Become an independent web testing automation tool. (A better selenium alternative can work without any support from selenium testing tools.)

  • Free, open source, affordable options

    - Free or free trial version is available.
    - open source alternative to selenium or relative package is available on github.
    - Commercial version is affordable or inexpensive with flexible pricing options.

Through Selenium issues analysis, you will understand which selenium alternative you need to overcome those problems. With reviews for web testing software products, you may know their strengths and weaknesses for test aotomation.
Compare alternatives to Selenium, and find the differences between web testing software tools. Recommend the best alternative to selenium for your web test automation. 2017 Best Pick - Lemonce Editor
Lemonce Editor is the best recommendation from "Selenium Alternatives 2017" list according to the above criteria
Click here to read comparisons between alternatives to Selenium by third-party reviews.
  • Selenium & Alternatives

  • Selenium

    Selenium is a software-testing framework to automate browsers for web applications.

    Lemonce Editor

    Lemonce Editor is an automated web UI testing tool for functional and regression tests with minimal coding effort. It is recommended as the best selenium alternative.

    QTP (UFT)

    UFT (Unified Functional Testing), formerly known as QTP (QuickTest Professional),provides functional and regression testing automation for web applications.

    Web UI Tester

    Web UI Tester is a newly released web test automation tool to help testers you to quickly create and perform functional tests for web applications.

  • Screenster

    If you need find a one-off payment tool or open source and free selenium alternatives. it should not be your choice. Please read a screenster review article "screenster vs selenium"

  • Other Selenium Alternatives

    More introductions of other alternativers to selenium